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Črtomir Časar, Certified Business Appraiser, Court Appraiser

Managing Director

mag. Dean Medved

Real Estate Valuer

Črtomir Časar, Certified Business Appraiser, Court Appraiser

Managing Director

Managing director
He is engaged in financial consulting, valuation and restructuring of companies with a main focus on cooperation in the business and financial transformation of companies. He holds a Master of Economic Sciences, and he is a certified business appraiser and court appraiser. He has many years of experience in valuing companies for different purposes and companies of different sizes and in assessing the value of intangible assets. He has also participated in the preparation of a number of corporate restructuring plans.

In his 18-year career, he gained most of his experience in the banking field, where he has 14 years of working experience in various fields, including in management and decision-making bodies (credit risk management, investment banking, retail banking, and corporate supervision). From 2009 to 2013 he worked as a member of the Council of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana. In 2014, he acquired the Certificate for the members of the supervisory boards and managing boards of the Slovenian Directors’ Association.

Since 2017 he has been a member of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia. In 2018, together with his colleagues, he established the Society of Judicial Experts-Appraisers. He is also a member of the Chamber of Financial Advisers of Slovenia within the BV Financial Group.

mag. Dean Medved

Real Estate Valuer

Mag. Dean Medved ( Real Estate Valuer) has spent over 20 years in senior positions in several banks, including 10 years in Frankfurt and Vienna. In 2015, he changed banking to real estate valuation, which he also does through Finsol d.o.o., and he will soon expand his area of work to include business valuation. He is also a mediator and a member of the Mediators’ Association, holds a PPL for single-engine aircraft and in his spare time enjoys seeing Slovenia from the air.

Dejan Petkovič, MSc

Head of Tax Consulting

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Primož Povše

Certified Appraiser of Real Estate, Machinery & Equipment

Monika Picker, PhD

ICF Professional Certified Coach

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